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Harvey Brownstone In The Media

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Watch Harvey open up about the many dramatic defining moments in his life.  Here’s his interview by Christopher Power on “Coffee With Chris”.

Listen to Harvey's Interview on Matt Baume's Podcast, "The Sewers of Paris"


Harvey's Highly Acclaimed Appearance on Stewart Pearce's Inspirational

Interview Program "Deep Dialogues"

Listen to Harvey’s interview with mental health professional Eleni Kapetanios on her podcast, “The No Bullshit Breakthrough”.

No Bullshit Breakthrough.jpg

Steve Paikin Interviews Harvey Brownstone on TVO's The Agenda

Listen to the Interview with Harvey Brownstone on "Live Wire", a popular UK radio show hosted by Ling Pang 

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Harvey Brownstone, the first openly gay judge in Canada, retired in December after a law career that spanned almost 27 years in Toronto and Niagara
Also a talk show host and author, retired justice had a reputation of being unconventional, at times outrageous, but never inappropriate

Click on the link below to read the Article from the St. Catharines Standard
January 20, 2022

Retired judge finding a new avenue to share his voice
Larger-than-life Harvey Brownstone may have given up the gavel, but not his desire to do what’s right, writes Jane Burbage

Click on the link below to read the Article from the St. Catharines Standard
February 04, 2022
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