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Everyone was an "unknown" at one time....

Every once in a while I will be asked, "Why do you sometimes interview people who no one's ever heard of?" The answer is simple: because I believe in their talent and I predict that one day, everyone will know who they are. They are future superstars.

One of the great things about having a talk show, especially one which has attained the level of success that ours has reached, is the opportunity to share my platform with up and coming artists whose talent deserves to be promoted and celebrated. I am especially proud of the young filmmakers, directors and writers who are the "Hitchcocks" and "Spielbergs" of the future. People like Peachanda DuBose, whose brilliant debut film, "Maggie", has now racked up 14 film festival awards and is about to be released to the general public this month. And Shane Stanley, whose film "Double Threat" is about to make a huge splash in a few months. And James and Rebekah R. Ganiere, whose debut TV movie, "Christmas Rekindled", won an Emmy nomination, and whose brand new film studio, Rio Vista Universal, is about to release its first feature film, "No More Goodbyes". And Spencer Collins, whose debut feature film, "Velvet Jesus", premiering next month, will tackle the monumentally important social issues of homophobia and HIV-phobia in the black community.

And it's not just unknown filmmakers that our show shines a light on. We've featured authors whose books may not be best sellers - yet - but they deserve to be. Check out my interview with Justin and Alexis Black, whose awe-inspiring book, "Redefining Normal", is one of the most insightful and inspirational stories of survival of the human spirit in the face of soul-destroying child abuse and neglect. And don't miss my interview with Lauren Lusby Fernandez, who was unfairly labelled a "blonde bimbo" when she entered training for the Secret Service, and gave her superiors a run for their money. And I will always be proud to have featured Kristin Beale on our show, who at the age of 14, suffered a devastating spinal cord injury in a jet ski accident, leaving her a paraplegic, only to become a world class athlete. Her books, "Greater Things" and "A Million Suns", are life-altering in their affirmation of optimism, faith and self-confidence.

In addition to filmmakers and authors, I've been happy to expose my audience to musical artists who are rising up the ranks. The young indie rock band Monowhales is poised to go to #1 with their new album, "Daytona Bleach". And because of the popularity of our show in the United Kingdom, I've been privileged to feature a number of British music stars who are relatively unknown on this side of "the pond" - so far - but who are destined for international greatness. Jonathan Antoine, who rose to fame on Britain's Got Talent, is on the brink of worldwide superstardom, and it was a huge honour to be one of the first North American talk show hosts to interview him. And artists such as D:Ream and Andy Bennett, hugely popular in the UK, are well on their way to massive popularity in America.

I love the fact that our show has given these "up and comers" well-deserved exposure. And I thank those of you who trust me enough to give these artists a chance by watching their interviews. Remember, everyone - even the biggest superstars - started out as an unknown. Somebody in the business had to give them a break. And I'm proud to have done that for so many talented individuals.

Please remember, you saw them on my show first!!


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