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Examination in Chief

You will notice that this website includes a 5-part podcast series called "Examination in Chief", which was produced in 2021 by Yap Films Inc. for the OUTtv network. These podcasts were released in conjunction with 3 documentary films that are currently airing on OUTtv as part of its true crime series.

The first film, "Killer in the Village", is the riveting account of how Toronto's notorious "gay serial killer", Bruce McArthur, was eventually captured by the police.

The second film, "Surviving the Block", reveals the epidemic of violence against transgender women of colour through the eyes of Moka Dawkins, one woman who fought back against her attacker and survived…only to find herself on trial for his murder.

The third film, "The Cobra Killers", explores the brutal murder of porn site Cobra Video’s owner, Bryan Kocis. The killing rocked the internet and all eyes focused on the production company’s biggest star, Brent Corrigan. Desperate to prove his innocence, Corrigan works to expose the real killers in this bizarre tale of jealousy, greed and murder in the world of gay porn.

The Examination in Chief podcast series examines important topics related to crime and the queer community including LGBTQ prisoners, the use of dating apps to find victims, and the sensationalism of media headlines. The producers of this series brought together an amazing group of guests for me to interview. I would love this series to continue, because there are so many more topics of interest to the LGBTQ community that we could explore in this format. Hopefully, if enough people tell the powers that be at OUTtv that they want more podcasts, we will get do more of them for you. Nothing would please me more!

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