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Welcome to my interviews!

Welcome to my interviews!

Hello everybody. I am thrilled and delighted to finally return to doing interviews, which is my passion. Those of you who have been following my career for a long time already know that I hosted a TV show called "Family Matters" for 1 online season and 2 seasons that were broadcast on CHCH TV. All of the episodes are still available for viewing free of charge at

Now, as I prepare to retire from my full time job, I have chosen to resume my talk show, except this time it is online - so much better than network TV, because there are no time limits (I hated having to squeeze such good content into 22 minutes), and best of all, no commercials!

I specialize in in-depth interviews: the kind that we baby boomers used to see on TV, hosted by great interviewers like David Frost, Pierre Berton, Dick Cavett, and Larry King. I hate the superficial "sound bite" interviews that we see on TV nowadays, designed for people with no attention span and no interest in actually delving into what the interviewee is all about. So, if you're like me, and you really want to absorb meaningful content from the person being interviewed, then sit back, relax and enjoy the interviews on "Harvey Brownstone Interviews".

My interests are broad and eclectic: entertainers, authors, prominent lawyers and public figures. If they've done something really interesting with their lives, and if they've made a positive difference in the world, then I'm interested in probing deeply and getting a true sense of what makes them who they are. If you have suggestions about people that I should interview, please let us know. I hope you will enjoy the interviews on my website as much as I enjoyed doing them!


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